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4QL is your tailored  solution for seamlessly transporting time-sensitive, temperature controlled, and confidential healthcare items, based on your scheduling requirements, so you can focus on delivering high quality patient care.
 4QL assists a range of laboratories, medical practices, government agencies, hospitals, and health systems whose courier operations depend on regular pickup and deliveries within their network locations through all parts of the state. We offload all courier and logistics activities related to:

Pickup & Delivery

Logistics Management

Dispatch & Routing

24/7 Dispatch Support


We manage the entire courier transport journey from the order being placed, up until final delivery, and provide real-time information throughout the process, eliminating the hassle of having to be concerned with mismanaged courier requests or sample quantities. Our solutions include:
Managing Courier Orders
Maintaining Specimen Integrity
Timely Collection & Delivery
Electronic Specimen Tracking
KNOW the status of every order at any time IN REAL-TIME
Instantly gain access to technical tools that provides your organization with a bird’s eye view of your courier operations that includes real-time data details specific to each provider location such as:

Collected from name/location

Quantity & specimen type collected

Identity of courier handling the specimen

Actual collection date/time

Actual delivery date/time

Requested by name, date/time, & any specific instructions

courier services that make the right
first impression

Our pricing is predictable and transparent, and services can typically begin within 5 days upon receipt of a signed agreement. Larger and more complex solutions can be launched within one to three weeks.

SCHEDULE a discovery call

We will discuss and determine your courier needs.


We will set up services based on your courier requirements .

Kick-Off & Go-Live

We will align all expectations to meet your desired go-live date.

As one of the top medical courier companies, we strive for an unmatched level of customer care. We have set up a 24/7 dispatch and customer support team that maintains a record of fast scheduling, with minimal to no hold times, to ensure we can respond to our clients’ and their provider networks’ needs day or night.

empower your providers with convenient self-service tools

We equip your provider network with 24/7 access to an online customer portal that includes their own user credentials to be able to quickly:

Schedule courier requests

Track courier requests

Print shipping labels

Export data to the file format of their choice

Flexible PICKUP times to meet your unique scheduling demands
4QL provides a full spectrum of scheduling options, including daily, same-day, scheduled, on-demand, and STAT courier services. We tailor your pickup and delivery times to adequately serve your providers, and  meet your organizations scheduling constraints.
Feel confident receiving samples!
4QL’s courier and logistics solutions were designed specifically for the healthcare and medical industries to meet the complex time, location, documentation, and handling constraints that are required when transporting these critical items.
Consequently, 4QL will eliminate your organization’s concerns of the whereabouts of collected items in transit, the location of items that have been picked up and delivered, and equip your team with access to technological tools that offers full transparency of your chain of custody information.