Courier & logistics management built for Healthcare organizations

Imagine courier & logistics for your healthcare organization running like clockwork + operations functioning smoothly, all WITHOUT your constant involvement. Once you have partnered with 4QL to manage your healthcare organizations’ courier & logistics activities, this is what you can expect to experience each and every day.
Flexible scheduling accommodations, guaranteed & dedicated courier coverage, transparent shipment visibility, customized reporting tools, and predictive billing to offload logistics burdens and increase productivity. We manage all courier and logistics activities related to:

Pickup & Delivery

Logistics Management

Dispatch & Routing

24/7 Dispatch Support

specialized in handling unique package types

Our team transports a variety of healthcare items including samples, medicine/pharmaceuticals, interoffice supplies, equipment, and other materials that are often packaged in normal package types like boxes and envelopes, but may also require the handling of irregular package types including:
Fragile specimen bags
Oversized Containers/Coolers
Un-packaged Items
Bulky Packages
full shipment visibility without the excessive manual work
Instantly gain access to technical tools that provides your organization with a bird’s eye view of your courier operations that includes real-time data details specific to each provider location such as:

Collected from name/location

Quantity & specimen type collected

Identity of courier handling the specimen

Actual collection date/time

Actual delivery date/time

Requested by name, date/time, & any specific instructions

courier services that make the right
first impression

Our pricing is predictable and transparent, and services can typically begin within 5 days upon receipt of a signed agreement. Larger and more complex solutions can be launched within one to three weeks.

SCHEDULE a discovery call

We will discuss and determine your courier needs.


We will set up services based on your courier requirements .

Kick-Off & Go-Live

We will align all expectations to meet your desired go-live date.

Free up your staff from dealing with courier related phone calls and support matters by enjoying access to our 24/7 dispatch and customer support team that maintains a record of fast scheduling, with minimal to no hold times, and ensures our clients’ and their provider networks’ needs are met day or night.

empower your providers with convenient self-service tools

If you require your providers to schedule their own courier requests, in addition to 24/7 phone support, we also equip your provider network with 24/7 access to an online customer portal that includes their own user credentials to be able to quickly:

Schedule courier requests

Track courier requests

Print shipping labels

Export data to the file format of their choice

Spend less time coordinating pickups
We oversee all scheduling activities that requires minimal to no involvement from your team once services are established. Our scheduling options include Same-Day: scheduled, route, on-demand, and STAT courier services that can be setup to have one or multiple schedules performed throughout the day to accommodate your organization’s specific courier needs on a daily basis.
Beyond Delivery-A Partnership in care.
Stepping into a partnership with 4QL means saying goodbye to logistical hiccups, and hello to an era of automated, reliable, and predictable healthcare deliveries.
Are you ready for a change? Eager to banish the frustrations of past logistical nightmares? Keen to focus on the heart of your work, knowing your logistics is ticking along like clockwork? Schedule a discovery call with our team today where we will see if we’re a good fit  for each other, and create a tailor made courier plan for your healthcare organization.