How Much Is Your Time Really Worth?

“Time is our most precious asset, we should invest it wisely.”- Michael Ealy

  1. Scenario: The e-commerce seller who has built great momentum in sales and has acquired a pretty decent size customer base. He has experienced the snowball effect, but is currently seeking ways to continue momentum by acquiring new customers. No complaints have been received as to the caliber of service the business currently provides, and productivity has been maximized by the staff and owner being able to focus on their core responsibilities.

–          Goal: The owner wants the snowball momentum to continue, with a focus on increasing profits and expanding existing customer base. Though he currently already uses various marketing tools to spread their brand, he would still like to reach more customers and increase purchases. He occasionally performs his own in-house deliveries or have his customers meet him at locations near his storefront.

–          Efficient Solution: Adding professional delivery options and services to your already growing customer base allows your customers the added convenience of consistent and affordable shipping options for their purchased products. Just as many customers that are willing to drive to your location to place an order and come back to pick it up, there are 50% more who have a million things going on and seek delivery solutions for their anticipated purchases.  This solution also enables our owner to avoid using his time to find mutual distance locations to meet his customer at, and focus on more profitable tasks. 4QL Solutions helps our customers reach their goals by offering customized delivery solutions tailored to their customer’s needs. Contact us today for your customized delivery plan! Who’s delivering your packages?


  1. Scenario: The Realtor who has kicked off their 2017 at an amazing stride, listing and selling home after home. She has acquired a new service area which has allowed her the opportunity to expand her target market and services offered, but has found that she doesn’t have enough time to manage all of the new progress. She currently has an administrative staff who works effortlessly to manage clerical duties and answer all concerns from current and potential clients, while the realtor meets with clients and holds open houses to attract new home buyers.

–          Goal: The realtor is excited for all the year has brought, and wants to be able to manage the existing and new clientele. Although she currently has an admin assistant, she finds herself overwhelmed with performing other tasks that keeps her on the road, and away from her clients. She would like to be able to focus more on managing her client’s needs, and less time fighting with traffic performing deliveries.

–          Efficient Solution: Utilizing a courier service like 4QL Solutions, can definitely help our realtor clients focus more on their sales and customer service while we balance their time. Whether it is title services, sales documents, legal paperwork, sign and lockbox installation and removal, or property management activities, our delivery solutions ensures timely delivery and full support of realtor industry needs.  4QL Solutions help our realtors focus on listing and selling homes. Leave the logistical madness to us. Contact us for realtor solutions fit to your specific need. Your delivery needs matter! Who’s delivering your important documents?


At 4QL Solutions, we develop delivery solutions fit to our customer’s needs. We understand how the pressures to want to fulfill all tasks seem ideal, so we ask what your time is really worth. Is it worth being able to focus on the larger tasks that brings your business the greatest benefit, or tedious tasks that can be delegated to trusted courier professionals who can perform the job to your desired requirements? The benefits of planning delivery into your business allows your customer’s with the convenience they want to keep utilizing your services as their trusted brand. Our potential clients are those who frequently state, “I have been on the road making deliveries all day”, or “If only I had a few more hours to get more work done.” We are able to assist a wide variety of industry specific professionals and organizations with their courier needs, who’s delivering your packages?

Consider It Delivered.


Today’s logistical content comes from Marissa Brasfield. Although this is an older post, we still find it relevant in today’s world of “not enough time.”


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