Choices that make your life easier, yet customized to fit your needs…

When we discussed the scenario regarding the types of eggs, we briefly elaborated on the options that you as a customer have available to you when you are ordering your meal. The question, “Do you prefer your eggs scrambled or over easy,” provides you with a CHOICE in how you receive your product. And not the kind of choice that would overwhelm or confuse, but a simple direct choice that determines your desired outcome. What choices have you […]

“The process is more important than the actual result.”- Mike Conley

Most business owners think of courier services exclusively in connection with rush order delivery of documents and packages. Although this is a true observation, this is not fully accurate. When ANYTHING in business needs to be transported, the right courier service will not only be beneficial to the delivery process, but cost effective, which will in turn boost your bottom line!   Meet Robyn. She owns a local pet store, and has been in business […]

A Healthier Delivery Solution

Studies show that 1 in 4 Americans has a chronic medical condition, and of that, 30% of all prescriptions never get filled due to pharmacy wait times. We recently encountered an elderly patient who lacked mobility to perform her own prescription pick up’s. Failure to properly take her medications as instructed could lead to further complications in her treatment. She normally depends on her daughter to perform her prescription pickup and deliveries, but due to […]

How Much Is Your Time Really Worth?

“Time is our most precious asset, we should invest it wisely.”- Michael Ealy Scenario: The e-commerce seller who has built great momentum in sales and has acquired a pretty decent size customer base. He has experienced the snowball effect, but is currently seeking ways to continue momentum by acquiring new customers. No complaints have been received as to the caliber of service the business currently provides, and productivity has been maximized by the staff and […]

Maximizing Productivity with Alternative Solutions…

In a world of “I need it now” we tend to frequently seek options for delivery solutions that meet us where we need it the most, at our door! The majority of our customers are busy individuals, professionals, and/or organizations who are simply seeking alternatives to the standard delivery options of driving to a drop off box or storefront, standing in line to wait for measurements and price, and driving back to their place of […]