How Much Is Your Time Really Worth?

“Time is our most precious asset, we should invest it wisely.”- Michael Ealy Scenario: The e-commerce seller who has built great momentum in sales and has acquired a pretty decent size customer base. He has experienced the snowball effect, but is currently seeking ways to continue momentum by acquiring new customers. No complaints have been received as to the caliber of service the business currently provides, and productivity has been maximized by the staff and […]

Maximizing Productivity with Alternative Solutions…

In a world of “I need it now” we tend to frequently seek options for delivery solutions that meet us where we need it the most, at our door! The majority of our customers are busy individuals, professionals, and/or organizations who are simply seeking alternatives to the standard delivery options of driving to a drop off box or storefront, standing in line to wait for measurements and price, and driving back to their place of […]

The Customer Experience, Great service never goes out of style!

  Quality Performance/ Passionate Customer Service. Who’s delivering your packages throughout the Greater Atlanta area? Are you our customer? Our customers are diverse in their needs and are professionals in their craft. • The Marketing Guru who specializes in dynamic progressive strategies for their clients, and ensures on-time delivery of their client’s print materials by utilizing 4QL’s customized services. • The Attorney who relies on 4QL’s professional and reliable services to deliver documents amongst their […]

Relationships MATTER…even in Logistics

Last week we spoke about customized solutions and the benefits it provides to our customers. Now this is a topic that can easily be relatable to many of the choices we make in our frequent daily activities. Maybe you prefer a certain grocery store because they are able to slice your deli meat to your desired preference. Or a local restaurant has recently gained your support due to their ability to serve you comfort food, […]

What do we mean by Customized Solutions, and what is Courier Delivery?

To answer the latter question first… Courier services offer fast, secure, and specialized delivery alternatives to the usual mail services for your important messages, packages, and mail. At 4th Quarter Logistics Solutions, our goal is to ensure a strong finish in our client’s delivery needs, and customized solutions tailored to their requests. Our customer’s benefit from all of the unique qualities of a courier, as well as tracking, delivery confirmation, holiday delivery, scheduled deliveries, and […]