Beyond delivery
4QL specializes in handling complex courier and logistics activities for Healthcare Organizations with unique scheduling demands, specific handling requirements, tailored network instructions, and diverse geographic coverage needs.

Our specialized services ensure secure and timely transportation of critical healthcare items, including samples, specimen, supplies, equipment, and materials. We are a comprehensive courier management provider that oversees all courier and logistics activities related to: Pick-up & Delivery, Dispatch & Routing, Logistics Management, and 24/7 Customer Support.
We have built a solid reputation in being a trusted logistics partner that you and your team can depend on for on-time delivery, state-of-the-art technology, and professional team members to represent your business.
Ebonique L. Barber
Ebonique L. Barber
President, Founder
From the first day of starting this company, 4QL’s mission has always been to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Through the combination of a dedicated and forward-thinking team who are highly motivated, customized logistics solutions and services that we continue to grow to meet the demands of our clients, and technological implementations to ensure full shipment transparency for our clients, 4QL has become a preferred trusted logistics partner for our healthcare clients.
a partnership in care
We started our company in 2017 as a same-day courier service, and we realized early on that our clients were still having challenges with relying on manual or disjointed courier-related processes and activities that slowed down their internal operations. From the very beginning, our goal was to offer a level of unmatched service that added value to our clients, as well as tools and resources that united our clients supply chain.
As a full-service courier management provider specializing in healthcare logistics,  we have been able to continuously expand our capabilities to relinquish the logistical challenges that our clients may have previously endured. We know and understand the importance of the items that we are handling on a daily basis, and the lives that are attached to each shipment. Our promise to you is that by partnering with 4QL, you have a reliable courier management partner that your healthcare organization can trust and depend on.
Our Mission
To be the key leader for same-day specimen transport.
Our Committment

To build long-term value with our clients, optimize their customer’s experience, and ultimately represent the strategic delivery partner that our clients can rely on through quality service, forward-thinking people, and proven technology.

Who We Serve

4QL assists a range of Healthcare Organizations, including:

  • Laboratory’s
  • Medical Practice’s
  • Hospitals
  • Health Systems
  • Healthcare Networks