4QL Customer Account 101.

Thank you for choosing 4QL Solutions as your new Delivery Partner! Here you will find information on commonly asked questions when setting up your new account with us. This information may be used for both web and mobile app access!


Setting Up Your Account.

Once you register for your account you may be asking yourself, ok what's next! Here are a few commonly asked questions to get you familiar with the basics of your customer account...

How to set up my new account?

*Visit www.4qlsolution.com

*Click " Get started Now" on the home page, or visit https://scheduledelivery.4qlsolution.com/#/page/register

*Enter in your requested details

*Read the terms and the condiitons , and you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions in order to register for an account with 4QL Solutions. 


How to set my favorite addresses to my account?

Under the "Favorites" tab, there will be an option for you to save and name your addresses saved to your account.

*Home, Work, and Other Address tabs are pre-populated choices for your use.

*You may enter your work address if this will be an address that 4QL Solutions will frequently pick up from.

* You may enter any additional addresses that you deem neccesary for quick reference to your account.

*By clicking the "Other" tab, you will have the option to enter a "Label".

*An example of "Label" would be, North Office, Main Warehouse, etc.

*Click "Submit" or "Done", and your favorite addresses will successfully save to your account for quick access on order requests.

How do I enter my Payment Information?

All payments are made online unless noted otherwise. 

For Same-Day service requests that are not linked to a delivery plan, you may easily process payment in your account.

*You will have the option to save your payment information so that you may easily request service in the future.

*Once you have put in your order details, your payment amount will be provided.

*Payment must be made in order to process your delivery request and complete service.

****For Business accounts that are on a delivery Plan****

*Payment may be made directly from your invoice.

*You may save your payment information to easily process payment on future invoices.

How do I make a delivery request?

Pick-up / Delivery Information:

*You may enter your name or the name of the person that we need to ask/speak with at the time of the pick-up.  This name may be different for both Pick-up and delivery if needed.

*Address- You may enter the address that we are picking up from/ delivering to, or access this information from your "Favorite" section if this address has been saved.

*Phone number- You may enter the phone number of who we should speak with if we ecperience any issues with the pick-up/delivery location.  This phone number  may be different for both Pick-up and delivery if needed.

*Email- You may enter the email address of who should recieve the confirmation alerts during the pick-up/delivery. This email address may be different for both Pick-up and delivery if needed.

*Type of Service- If you are on any type of delivery plan, you will select "Business Customer Account". Otherwise, you will select which delivery speed you would like to request.

*Type of Package- Please provide the type of package that we will be picking up and delivering on your behalf.

*Number of Packages- This is very important to ensure correct pick up and delivery of your item. Please enter the number of packages we are picking up.

*Notes/ Description section- Here you may provide any detailed information of your request including Special instructions, Order #'s, Gate/entry codes, special handling request (subject to approval), etc.

*Complete order request- You will be prompted on the steps to complete your order.