dispatch and routing excellence
Experience precision in dispatch and routing, minimizing transit times, reducing costs, and ensuring the timely and secure transportation of your healthcare shipments.
step into a new era of reliability and strategic operations
Why embrace 4ql’s dispatch and routing?
Discover a solution that brings efficiency, reliability, and growth to your healthcare organization. Our solutions include regular reporting and network expansion to meet your daily courier needs seamlessly.
dispatch management

Our smart dispatch features ensures efficient scheduling, streamlined routing, and timely delivery of sensitive materials.

routing solutions

Experience streamlined routing that ensures the right resources are allocated efficiently while reducing redundancies.

reporting insights

Stay informed with regular reporting that provides valuable insights into courier performance, delivery times, and key metrics for continuous improvement.

network expansion

Unlock growth opportunities with our network expansion strategies, ensuring your healthcare organization is equipped for evolving courier demands.

tailored healthcare

Our solutions are exclusively designed for Healthcare needs, offering specialized handling protocols, compliance measures, and temperature-controlled transport to ensure the safe delivery of sensitive materials.


Rely on our dedicated team to oversee dispatch, routing, and network expansion, providing support to enhance the efficiency of your courier operations.

why choose 4ql?
Operational Precision
Experience a new level of precision with automated scheduling, eliminating errors and delays in task planning for your courier needs.
Operational streamlining
Our comprehensive courier management optimizes the entire logistics process, from scheduling to delivery, resulting in increased efficiency.
Data Analytics & Reporting
Make informed decisions with detailed reporting and analytics, enabling continuous improvement in your courier operations.
specialized features and support that goes beyond basic transportation
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