The complete solution for your courier needs!

Administrator & management features

  We have a proven track record of time-definite pickups, and seamless on-time delivery to the final destination. Your administrator and management team will benefit from exceptional service that allows them to serve your providers with timely and reliable test results.

Management portal

Conveniently view all courier requests made to your facility, including access to a  complete chain of custody trail that provides order details segmented by each ordering clinic.

account assistance

Gain instant access to team members trained specifically on your facility’s business requirements to provide quick solutions for your staff or customer’s business needs.

Order entry form

Provide your clinic network with access to an online order form that contains information which is precisely tailored to your facility’s ordering instructions and requirements.

full visibility & tracking

View at a glance, the status of every order in route to your location in real-time. Gain fast access to proof of delivery information as it is captured, all from one area.

Integration with
Excel, CSV, & PDF

Export data and customize reports such as date specific incoming courier volume, or clinic specific courier requests scheduled  at the press of a button.

Sample Packaging

Swiftly locate samples delivered to your facility  in no time with our intuitive packaging process that helps speed up your staff’s retrieval and processing time.

Provider & Clinic Network features

Your provider & clinic network will also benefit from access to online tools to verify their order submissions and view their confirmation of delivery receipt details. These additions help to increase timeliness for your provider & clinic network, reduces the number of calls into your facility, and helps both the submitting clinic and your facility become paperless.

uniformed couriers

4QL couriers are easily identifiable in company branded uniforms so that your clinic & provider network can easily identify who is handling their shipment request upon arrival.

Customer portal

Give your clinic network direct access to dispatching tools to easily schedule pickup requests and track orders themselves, view order history, and print shipping labels through their online customer portal.

Log-in credentials

Each clinic will see only their own courier requests when they place and track orders. The tracking grid may be searched, filtered, and rearranged to parallel their specific needs. The results can be  exported to Excel, CSV, or PDF file formats.

Tracking & Tracing

Clinics & providers can view a multitude of shipment-related information in real-time; the status of an order; the tracking number; the requestor; the delivery time; and other critical proof of delivery information.

Shipping labels & reports

Clinics & providers may print out their own shipping labels, waybills, & bill of lading. Additionally, these labels may be printed out, along with barcodes to affix to their shipment before their courier arrives.

Service & Dispatch support

Our friendly service desk is manned with experienced team members who are available around the clock to manage incoming calls related to scheduling courier requests, adjusting pickup location  instructions, and more!

Logistics & Operations support features

Maintain and grow your provider and clinic network’s trust with 4QL as your end to end courier logistics solutions. We provide you with access to all of the tools and resources you need so that your courier services feel in-house, not outsourced.

Courier Team

Our courier team is properly trained to meet the handling  and transport requirements that are specific to your business demands.

Local & Statewide
Geographical coverage

We are able to accommodate virtually any geographical boundaries, including metro cities, rural areas, and remote locations.

Technology based
gPS Tracking

Gain peace of mind in knowing that  every step in our delivery process is tracked to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

Expect quality service
WE ARE THE #1 choice for consistent and reliable courier services!

4QL brings on board the logistics expertise you need to thrive in today’s highly critical business environment where in speed and accuracy efforts are constantly shifting customer and business workflow demands.

In order to meet our client’s requirements,  our courier team participates in a comprehensive medical courier and customer service training program to ensure a seamless workflow.

Our courier team receives training in all areas of HIPAA and Bloodborne pathogens, and are trained in handling and transporting Category A & B infectious substances. In addition to this training, our couriers are equipped with OSHA and DOT compliant equipment to ensure delivery integrity for refrigerated, frozen, and ambient transport options.


Our pricing is predictable and transparent, and services can typically begin within 5 days upon receipt of a signed agreement. Larger and more complex solutions can be launched within one to three weeks.

SCHEDULE a discovery call

We will discuss and determine your courier needs.


We will set up services based on your courier requirements .

Kick-Off & Go-Live

We will align all expectations to meet your desired go-live date.