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We align your organization with a full suite of courier and logistics solutions that includes: Pickup & Delivery, Dispatch & Routing, Logistics Management, and Customer Support.
OUR process

electing the right courier partner for your laboratory is a very important task, and the right partner can implement services while preventing any interruption in your business operations. At 4QL, we make establishing courier services for your organization extremely simple. Our pricing is predictable and transparent, and we do all of the legwork to help you establish services so that you can begin enjoying your courier benefits immediately. Our process starts with a thorough discovery call to quickly determine your specific courier needs.


After agreeing to partner with 4QL through a signed contract agreement, we will design a customized courier solution based on your courier requirements, scheduling constraints, site locations, and your laboratory’s desired go-live date. Typically our courier services can begin within 5 days upon receipt of a signed agreement. Larger and more customized solutions can be launched within one to three weeks.


During this phase, we establish your scheduling time-frames, set up your customer portal access for both your staff and clinic network, as well as design custom tracking, online ordering tools, reporting, and notifications based on your specific operations and chain of custody requirements.  There is little to no involvement from your staff during this phase outside of providing us with all of your participating site locations.


Upon successful activation of all pickup and delivery expectations, we perform a kickoff call and lab site visit to align all requirements with the systems and people we have put in place to execute your courier services. We are with you at every stage to ensure that your laboratory and clinic network experiences a seamless transition to begin services on your desired go-live date.

Convenient and flexible
pickup & delivery options
4QL makes it easy for your laboratory to offer professional courier services to your provider network. We can accommodate virtually any specific courier pickup & delivery requirements.

If you are seeking to offer courier services across a specific region, or a densely populated provider network, our same-day courier service is the best solution for guaranteed coverage.

This option allows your laboratory operations to choose a designated 3-5 hour pickup window, and supply your provider network with access to on-demand booking via phone, or via an online self-service portal, up until the pickup windows cutoff time. All items collected are delivered to your laboratory by the agreed upon same-day delivery time.

Our same-day medical courier delivery service is the most flexible option for laboratories who want to offer same-day specimen pickup and delivery that include customized scheduling and coverage options.

Our scheduled &  routed courier services are ideal for pre-established pickup locations on specific days/times.

This option allows for your laboratory operations to either provide our team with a list of your provider network locations along with the established pickup days/times for each location, or we can easily create and optimize a route to meet your provider locations scheduling requirements. Both options guarantee that courier pickups are made within your lab’s time constraints. Local, statewide, and interstate courier coverage is available 24/7.

In addition to a preset schedule, this option allows both your lab administrator(s) and provider network to have full access to our electronic tracking system, with the capability to download chain of custody information in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats. Our chain of custody documentation can be customized to meet your lab’s reporting requirements.

Our couriers will provide direct specimen pick-up,  a temperature controlled environment for specimens in transit, and delivery of these requests to/from  your laboratory for times when specimens need to be picked up outside of your regular schedule/collection times, or if you are in need of an emergency request.

Stat services are available to be requested Monday-Friday between 8am-6pm, and are typically picked up within 2 hours of the request depending on the pickup location. Weekend requests can be made for established client accounts.


Improved proactive customer service, and the prevention of missed pickups and lost samples are immediate ROI benefits that our clients enjoy. In addition to these factors, our clients experience on average a 38% savings per year using 4QL vs in-house couriers, or courier companies with minimal or dated technical resources.


WE ARE the #1 choice for consistent and reliable courier services!

As a comprehensive medical  courier & logistics solution, 4QL goes beyond the core activities of pickup and delivery. We empower your organization with the ability to successfully meet the challenges of your specific courier requirements in order to achieve the overall goal of improving your business operations.

Lab administrators and your clinic network  have access to full visibility and tracking capabilities to document specimens throughout the entire courier journey, from the time the courier request is made, to pickup, and to delivery. You’ll benefit from our attention to detail, and proven track record of accuracy and accountability.

uniformed couriers

4QL couriers  are easily identifiable in company branded uniforms,  and are  trained and certified in handling Category A & B infectious substances.

scheduling options

We offer flexible and customized pickup and delivery time-frames to accommodate your lab’s  scheduling constraints, and clinic network hours of operation.

chain of custody

Meet regulatory demands with our clear and concise  chain of custody records for specimen collection and delivery  that is easily accessible in real-time.

Dispatch support

Let our  friendly service desk, that is manned by experienced team members, manage your incoming dispatch related calls, and serve as a liaison between your laboratory and clinic network.

Customer portal

Instantly gain access to a convenient portal equipped with an address book, and logins for both your staff and clinic network  to schedule requests online, review order history, print shipping labels, export data, and more 24/7.

Data transparency

Allow your staff and clinic network to instantly access data including real-time incoming sample volume, POD, and chain of custody that may be downloaded to the file format of their preference.


Your laboratory will benefit from our attention to detail and the ability to provide real-time data details specific to each clinic location that includes, but not limited to:

  • Collected from name/location
  • Quantity & type of specimen collected
  • Identity of courier handling the specimen
  • Requested by name, date/time, & any specific instructions
  • Actual collection date/time
  • Actual delivery date/time
4QL is the definitive choice for organizations ready to thrive by gaining a competitive edge in service, productivity, and efficiency. Here are two ways you learn more today.


Schedule a discovery call with our team to discuss your business requirements, and get a full demonstration breakdown of everything 4QL can do for your organization. This option is recommended for re-occurring courier needs.


Get a quick quote

If you are currently a client, or a customer of a 4QL client, you may access your customer portal to easily receive pricing information and begin enjoying your courier services today. If you do not have your login credentials, you may contact us at 678-631-9470.

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