What do we mean by Customized Solutions, and what is Courier Delivery?

To answer the latter question first… Courier services offer fast, secure, and specialized delivery alternatives to the usual mail services for your important messages, packages, and mail. At 4th Quarter Logistics Solutions, our goal is to ensure a strong finish in our client’s delivery needs, and customized solutions tailored to their requests. Our customer’s benefit from all of the unique qualities of a courier, as well as tracking, delivery confirmation, holiday delivery, scheduled deliveries, and contract deliveries.


Our 4QL Solutions’ courier representative picks up your package from your location after shipment has been requested, paid, and dispatched, and delivers it to your recipient. We are locally owned and operated and service the Greater Atlanta area. To determine the best delivery solution for your needs, we identify your desired end goal in regards to time preference, and confirm your receiver’s readiness to receive the shipment.


We offer a wide range of services fit perfectly for the busy Individual, Professional, and Organization. We are able to assist Law Firms, Realtors, Consulting Firms, Marketing Firms, Photography Studios, Print shops, Florists, Gift shops, Pharmacies, Nursing homes, E-Commerce sellers, Architects, 3PL providers, I.T. Suppliers, and Private/Residential clients. Whether you require the delivery of a legal document or promotional items, including signs and brochure delivery, with 4QL Solutions you can Consider It Delivered. Don’t see your industry listed? No problem at all, that is the benefit of customized solutions! Give us a call so that we may identify the best service options for you!

Time Frames

We offer Same-Day local delivery, Scheduled delivery, and Contract delivery for reoccurring shipments. Our Same Day options includes Economy (End of Day), Standard (4 hours or less), and Express (2 hours or less) delivery services. Holiday approaching and you need a guaranteed delivery solution for that day? 4QL Solutions offers prescheduling for daily and/or weekly pickups so that you can ensure delivery during our busy times.


We appreciate our customers and are constantly innovating solutions that allows your day to be as productive as possible when it comes to your delivery needs. From the time you place your order, to the time your shipment is delivered, 4QL Solutions provides you with quality service, commitment, and effective communication throughout fulfillment. Our customers benefit from online ordering, online tracking ability, email confirmation of order request and delivery, contract options for their frequent delivery needs, and emergency order requests.

Customized Solutions

We aim to ensure an overall beneficial client experience to our customer’s, and cater to both individuals and businesses. Whether we are picking up and delivering groceries to homebound seniors, delivering small urgent parts to a construction site to ensure project completion, or delivering a replacement router to our I.T client’s customer, we are able to assist with a wide range of delivery options for your small to medium packages.


We are committed to being your reliable partner for optimal shipping, who's delivering your packages?

Supply Chain is often a term many relate solely to warehousing and production, however, majority of businesses regardless of industry tend to operate in a supply chain. Supply chain is defined as, “A system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.” In this case, a healthcare professional managing his suppliers, or a marketing professional relying on a supplier to produce marketing materials to market their product and/or services, are critical components of these industry specific supply chains.

Matt Davis discusses the importance and direction of innovation, and how it will impact the future of the supply chain. With the constant evolution of technology and its ability to automate many processes, the human component of the supply chain will require flexible solutions with an analytical approach, and strong effective communication skills to be able to work across various professional components.

The title, “Why supply chain is calling out for creativity, communication & collaboration” captures 3 C’s that 4QL utilizes in its processes. This article sheds much light on the future of supply chain, and our human involvement during this transition.

This week’s stimulating Logistics' content comes from Author, Matt Davis.







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