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Medical Courier Services

your MEDICAL courier partner
4QL Solutions offers personalized Medical Courier Solutions to Hospitals, Clinical Laboratories, Veterinary Hospitals, Veterinary Laboratories, Doctor’s Offices, and more. We are capable of handling any aspect of medical delivery, from daily sample collection for your laboratory, daily medication delivery for your pharmacy, to emergency services for your hospital or clinic. Our professional courier team is fully uniformed and equipped with real time tracking tools to ensure full transparency of the chain of custody, from clinic or hospital to lab for medical specimens, and from pharmacy to retail to patient for pharmaceuticals. We ensure timely, accurate, and completed deliveries with proof of delivery contact information, and automatic email updates when the delivery is complete.
manage all aspects of transportation specimen transport

Our expertise in Medical Courier Services has allowed our medical customers to offer quality and timely laboratory results. 4QL’s fast and reliable medical courier services has helped our customers expand their customer territories, enhance their customer’s courier experience, and generate financial improvements from significant cost savings and business growth.

4QL is the most reliable courier service in Georgia for Local & Statewide courier services. 4QL offers medical teams the ability to provide quality and timely laboratory results by rapidly and consistently moving specimens to the laboratory in a timely manner. Whether you operate in the metro area, or your collection sites include rural and smaller remote locations, we guarantee that your medical courier service needs are fulfilled and executed on time.

Who are 4QL Medical Courier Services designed for?
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacies
  • Blood Centers
  • Plasma Centers
  • Veterinary Laboratories
  • Health Systems
  • Government & Institution
  • Home Health Agencies & more

Experiencing shipping delays or lost samples?


Our medical courier services may be used for short-term or long-term assistance for your business. Our customers rely on 4QL to coordinate the immediate pickup and delivery of their time-sensitive needs, as well as function as a primary extension of their business by handling their regularly scheduled pickup & delivery needs. We assist with local, statewide, and out of state courier requests.

With just a one-time setup, STAT, Same-Day, and Hot Shot services can be set up to begin today. Our Scheduled, Route, and Dedicated services may easily be set up to begin services within 5 business days depending on your specific business requirements. With 4QL’s courier delivery solutions, your critical shipments are handled with unmatched detail, attention, reliability, care, and safety.

4QL offers flexible & PERSONALIZED scheduling options to include:
  • STAT Courier Services: Urgent service request for immediate pickup and direct delivery.
  • Scheduled Courier Services: Specific time, or Time window for collection and delivery on a recurring basis.
  • Routed Courier Services: Pre-set pickup and delivery schedule on a recurring basis.
  • Same-Day Courier Services: Same-day service request with 2 hour, 4 hour, and 6 hour delivery service level options.
  • Hot Shot Courier Services: Urgent service requests up to a 350 mile radius.


We are on your schedule.

4QL Courier services follows specific instructions related to your business requirements, business hours, and handling requirements, including temperature controlled collections, lockbox access, and point of contact instructions. Whether you require our services at the beginning and/or end of every day, once a week, or once a month, we can accommodate all of your medical courier needs and customize a schedule that works for your business.

Transportation Specialists for:
  • Medical Specimens, Diagnostic Specimens, Lab Specimens, & Urine Samples
  • Bloodwork and Biopsies
  • Medical Prescriptions, Pet Prescriptions, & Nutrition
  • Necropsy Specimens
  • Prosthetics and Implants
  • Medical Supplies
  • Radiology Films & X-rays
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lab Results
  • Dental Devices
  • Optical Solutions
Transport of Category A & B biological substances, specimens, tissue, urine, and blood
Custom designed daily routes to meet your frequent, time-specific, multi-stop pickup and delivery needs
Annual training and certification in the handling and transport of Blood Borne Pathogens, Exposure Control, Transportation & Specimen Integrity, and Hazardous Materials.
Equipped to provide Room Temperature, Refrigerated, and Frozen transport conditions
The amount of detail that 4QL provides in making sure that our samples are collected and delivered on time, truly relieves our clinic staff. There is never any worry of if things will go right with our daily pickups. All around professional team, from the dispatch to the drivers. Thank you 4QL!- Megan

4QL utilizes state of the art information systems to schedule and track courier pickup and deliveries. We plan specific pickup requirements, and use those parameters to create the most efficient routes possible.

We track the time our couriers arrive and leave each location, and what was picked up and dropped off, including quantity amounts, temperature type, and when samples arrive to the laboratory or final drop off point.

Our online management system provides transparency into the entire courier process. We constantly track performance, and give our customer’s access to our state of the art online customer portal.

Within YOUR CUSTOMER portal, you have access to:
  • Online order entry and address book
  • Manage and track currently scheduled and past orders
  • Export reports to file formats including Excel, CSV, and PDF
  • Receive real-time updates and/or email notifications of your pickup and delivery confirmation with Signee details included
  • An order confirmation page with tracking number
  • Print Shipping Label’s, Waybill’s, or Bill of Lading’s
  • Review incoming and delivered sample or item quantities
  • Manage invoices online
If you are a facility seeking to offer your clinic or hospital clients with online ordering options, our customer portal can provide your client network with access to:
  • Individual login credentials
  • Online Order Entry
  • Customized order entry instructions
  • An order confirmation page with tracking number
  • Individually manage and track currently scheduled and past orders specific to the account
  • Receive real-time updates and/or email notifications of your pickup and delivery confirmation with Signee details included
  • Ability to print a Shipping Label, Waybill, or Bill of Lading
  • Review sample or item quantities delivered to final drop off point
In addition to our online tools, orders may also be placed:

Via Phone: Orders may be easily placed by speaking with a representative at 678-631-9470, or toll free at 1-866-518-7752

Automatic Schedule: Clinics may establish a schedule specific to their operating hours to be completed automatically.

All options include the receiving of a tracking or confirmation number if required, ability to review information online with individual login credentials, ability to collect and/or deliver to lockboxes, and the ability to provide specific pickup and/or delivery instructions for our couriers to follow.


Submit an RFP
If you already have a Request for Proposal generated, you may easily and quickly submit your proposal through the link below. Our team will respond within 5 business days with the required supporting documentation. If you do not have a RFP generated, you may still submit your requirements here.
Schedule your courier request quickly and easily via phone with a 4QL representative, or we can discuss your specific delivery requirements for recurring services. The best part of this process is that you are able to pick the date and time for us to contact you that works best with your schedule!
Quick Quote
For one time requests, you may quickly and easily use our Quick Quote tool to determine pricing, choose service levels based on how soon your shipment needs to be delivered, and place your order. Confirmation of your request will automatically be emailed to you, and we will handle the rest.
4QL helps businesses keep their operations running smoothly at all times, while serving their customers with a level of fast and exceptional service that is unmatched.

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