“The process is more important than the actual result.”- Mike Conley

Most business owners think of courier services exclusively in connection with rush order delivery of documents and packages. Although this is a true observation, this is not fully accurate. When ANYTHING in business needs to be transported, the right courier service will not only be beneficial to the delivery process, but cost effective, which will in turn boost your bottom line!


Meet Robyn. She owns a local pet store, and has been in business for a little over a year. She wants to increase her customer base and is not sure which direction she should take to do so.  Her current process entails her local customers ordering online and picking up their order from the store, or by directly walking into the store and purchasing their products. She is stuck between how to attract new customers as well as retain her existing customers.

A few process tips that 4QL Solutions would suggest to Robyn are:

  1. Take a step back

–         Who is your current customer base? Robyn has found that her current customer base are normally professionals, elderly individuals, or stay at home moms who desire and demand convenience. They normally don’t prefer to fight traffic and rush to the store to make a purchase because time is a very precious asset to their daily activities.

  1. Consider the BIG picture

–         Assess your products. Robyn’s store offers pet supplies, medicine, accessories, supplements, and more. She normally runs weekly specials, but her customers order regardless of the discount specials because they see her product as a need. This is great for Robyn because she has built her reputation on quality products.

  1. Plan the BEST way forward

–         Based on Robyn’s current customer base and products offered, better systems and processes will open up a wealth of opportunity for her to grow and attract new customers for her store. 4QL Solutions offers delivery plans that are great for businesses like Robyn’s who are new to using a delivery service. Our goal is to allow our customers more time to focus on getting more work out the door while we streamline their delivery needs. In return, this provides convenience to Robyn’s customers, which will allow her the ability to spend more time on developing and marketing her business…the result.

How did you enjoy these quick tips? We believe they are beneficial across any profession and industry. Let us know your thoughts and how you will apply them in your daily activities!


*Have you enjoyed our motivational video on our Home page? If so, awesome! We are changing them out monthly so be sure to visit us for your frequent inspiration. In case you missed our last one, here it is. One of our fav’s, Impose Your Will and the importance of the PROCESS. Enjoy!

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