count on our Rapid 15-day setup guarantee
We understand the critical nature of your work and the importance of seamless logistical operations in healthcare. That’s why we offer a carefully structured rapid 15-day setup guarantee for our client admin account tailored specifically for healthcare organizations like yours.
key benefits
experience Speed and efficiency with our 15-day setup guarantee
Our guarantee ensures a swift and efficient integration of our services into your operations, minimizing downtown and disruptions for your organization.
expect a Timely response from 4ql
You can rely on us to promptly address recurring courier needs for medical supplies, equipment, specimens, and time-sensitive deliveries, ensuring uninterrupted patient care.
experience Operational continuity with our quick setup
You can enjoy seamless continuity in delivery options, reducing the risk of operational disruptions and ensuring smooth workflows for your organization.
client satisfaction
Our focus on rapid setup contributes to enhanced client satisfaction, improved outcomes, and a reliable logistics partner you can trust.
How we work
Initial Consultation

We engage in a comprehensive consultation to understand your specific challenges and requirements.


Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free and efficient setup experience for your healthcare organization.


We adapt our services to meet your unique requirements, providing solutions that align perfectly with your organization’s needs and operational workflows.

Training &

We’llĀ  empower your team with comprehensive training, equipping them with tools and dedicated support to navigate our services with confidence.

Why choose
At 4QL, we recognize the significance of your complex courier requirements and the need for a seamless setup process within the 15-day time-frame.
Here’s why you can trust us to handle even the most intricate logistics with efficiency and expertise.
Deep understanding of complex requirements

With years of experience in the healthcare logistics industry, we have encountered and successfully navigated a wide range of complex courier requirements. Whether it’s handling delicate medical specimens, coordinating multi-stop routes, or managing broad geographic coverage areas, we understand the nuances and intricacies involved.

Tailored solutions for unique needs

We specialize in providing tailored solutions that address your unique requirements. Our team works closely with you to implement customized protocols that simplify complex tasks without compromising quality or security.

Proven track record of timely execution

We have consistently delivered on our promise of rapid setup without sacrificing attention to detail or compromising on compliance standards. You can rely on us to execute complex courier operations within the 15-day time-frame, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

dedicated support and collaboration

Throughout the setup process, we provide dedicated support and collaborate closely with your team to address any challenges or specific requirements. Our goal is to make the transition smooth, transparent, and stress-free for your organization, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services.

beyond delivery – a partnership in care
We understand that choosing the right courier management partner is a crucial decision, and we’re here to address any concerns you may have.
Our standard service startup timeline is just 15 days from the contract signing date, subject to availability.
Ready to begin? Schedule a call with our team today to discuss your courier requirements and kickstart this seamless partnership.