Relationships MATTER…even in Logistics

Last week we spoke about customized solutions and the benefits it provides to our customers. Now this is a topic that can easily be relatable to many of the choices we make in our frequent daily activities. Maybe you prefer a certain grocery store because they are able to slice your deli meat to your desired preference. Or a local restaurant has recently gained your support due to their ability to serve you comfort food, with a vegan twist. These solutions are what creates personal satisfaction. Our ability to customize solutions for our customers and clients ensures that instead of them adjusting their delivery needs to our services, we customize their delivery needs to ensure they get exactly what they need…when they need it.

Communication is essential.
Our approach to assisting our customer starts with actively listening and having conversations to identify their end goals. Now maybe our customer already knows what service suits their needs, and that is great! However, sometimes we encounter situations where a more favorable solution has been identified that our customer was unaware we could assist them with. This is a process that we value since you would know more of what you are wanting out of the service than we do. Our goal is to provide flexible suitable options that creates more productivity in your daily activities.

Respect is imperative.
One of our clients expressed the dissatisfaction they encountered with another delivery company because their product was delivered late, AND the representative was rude to their customer with no remorse. When we say we represent an extension of your brand, here is where it matters most. As a busy individual, professional, or organization, you have performed all of the legwork necessary in setting up delivery solutions that are convenient for your lifestyle and routine. The last thing you want to be concerned with is receiving upset feedback due to a service that was not delivered to your agreed upon standards. We respect our customer’s time, schedule, and desired customer experience throughout fulfillment, and maintain consistent interaction throughout our customer’s journey with us.

Trust is critical.
We are fully aware of the amount of research that goes into choosing a service provider for your needs, especially when your reputation depends on it. We maintain open and consistent communication, integrity in all of our work and conduct, visibility throughout our customer’s experience, and accountability in our actions. We own our processes, and just as we would celebrate a success, we celebrate the opportunity for continuous improvement and increased transparency, to maintain the high level of quality service that is the essence of our core values.

On a side note, we think that this is a pretty cool hashtag! Now back to business…so what is a relationship and why is it important in logistics? Think about a relationship that you have, had, or would like to be in. From a personal perspective we tend to desire trust, commitment, similar long-term values, respect, and our own specific characteristics that meets our satisfaction. So how is this different from business? Not very much right?
Here is a scenario:
- A highly talented baker assists an event planner in creating a beautiful custom designed cake for the attending host. After meeting with her client, she has a clear idea of what the customer wants, when she needs it, and her desired price range. They agree to conduct service and the order is now in process. The big day has arrived and the baker has decided that she will deliver the cake herself to save money. The only problem is that she already has a full day booked. So to ensure convenience on her end, she contacts her customer and lets her know that she is ONLY able to deliver the cake during a certain hour window due to her prior commitments. This is inconvenient for her customer because she is already scheduled for other tasks that are event related, and will be unavailable to accept delivery during the hours she has been given.

We can kind of imagine how this story ends. A frustrated customer who has additional stress added from a service that she has already paid for, and depends on this product to complete her event.

Delivery is one of the most important aspects and a primary function of your business, and should be treated with top level priority at all times. In the above scenario, this order was never about the customer, but instead about the prior engagements that the baker had. Now this outcome doesn’t just happen in cases like this, the same problems can occur with home care needs, payroll delivery, office mail delivery, contract submissions and so forth. Often the recipient is left with a delivery window that is not convenient to their schedule. We understand that price is a deciding factor when choosing a delivery service, but the overall attention to detail and product ownership plays a huge part in your customer’s experience. Relationships matter in logistics because you know your requirements and your client’s expectations, so choose a courier who represents the face of your brand that will benefit your business.

We bring the level of attention to detail and personalization you can depend on, who's delivering your packages?


In honor of celebrating Valentine's day last week, we recant all of the beautiful flowers and bouquet's that filled the stores, offices, and homes alike! But how did they get there? Sure, the admirable gentleman or woman would take full ownership...but the real magic happens behinds the scene. Here is an enjoyable article on the love connection between Supply Chain and Logistics during the holidays.

This week's stimulating Logistic's content comes from Forbes contributor, Pheonix Zhang.




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