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For fast and reliable pickup and delivery services in Atlanta and surrounding areas, contact 4QL today!
We handle hundreds of time-critical deliveries for area businesses across various industries, all with unique and demanding requirements.

At 4QL, our goal is to make it easy for businesses to outsource areas of their supply chain that will impact their business immediately and in the future.

4QL specializes in shipping specimen, blood, and necropsy submissions (up to 25lbs)  for transplant, testing, and research; critical parts for technology, medical, automotive, and manufacturing industries; products and raw materials for retail, marketing, industrial, and agriculture industries; pick up & delivery from satellite offices to multiple locations; as well as confidential and valuable items for the legal, real-estate, financial, and film industries.

Everyday, we safely transport a variety of critical items across various industries, meeting time constraints and individual customer requirements, while navigating to metro cities, rural areas, and remote locations throughout Atlanta and the surrounding cities. With 4QL’s courier delivery solutions, your critical shipments are handled with unmatched detail, attention, reliability, care, and safety.

We handle both inbound and outbound shipments, and understand that life-critical and time-sensitive conditions are all included in each and every courier service we provide. 4QL also helps many local companies with after-hours pickup from Fed-Ex/ UPS facilities, pickup & delivery of their daily mail to the post office, and inter-office mail. With real-time tools online, every client of ours can manage their courier process better. We look forward to earning your business.

  • Real-time tracking & monitoring from start to finish
  • Real-time visibility of incoming and outgoing shipping volumes
  • Automatic shipment status updates emailed in real-time
  • Instant estimated time of arrival information in real-time
  • Automatic proof of delivery signature emailed in real-time
  • Schedule your pickup & delivery online within minutes
  • Personal address book to save addresses for quick entry and reference
  • Set up multiple users on your account for internal or external ordering
  • Print shipping labels, bill of lading, or waybill slips directly from your portal
  • Review delivery order history
  • Export orders by client name, date range, and more
  • Access proof of delivery
  • Manage users
  • Access your invoices and enjoy the convenience of paying invoices directly in your customer portal account
  • Get shipments to their destination when YOU need them to arrive with our variety of same-day delivery options
  • Complete route planning and real-time GPS tracking with automated alerts for immediate notification of potential delays
  •   Daily or weekly scheduled pickup and deliveries to meet your frequent shipment needs
  • Hot Shot services for direct across town, out of town, or out of state urgent deliveries
  • Dedicated courier services for unique challenges or extended time-frame needs
Our courier solutions can be customized to be as hands on as your business requires.


In today’s market, reliability and real-time information are supreme in business. One of  the best assets to have in your business is a reliable delivery partner who can help you adjust to growing pains, expand your delivery radius, and relieve the pressures of operational issues. At 4QL, our delivery solutions empower your business with access to a variety of custom logistics solutions designed to keep your business fully functional at all times, impact your company’s image, and improve your profit.

Hospitals: 4QL handles both inbound and outbound shipments for healthcare institutions to safely and rapidly transport supplies, blood samples, specimens, and other urgent time-sensitive materials.

Dental: 4QL offers labs and clinics with customized delivery solutions, accommodating delivery of prescriptions, dental work to and from clinical labs, as well as dental supplies to dentists.

Veterinary: 4QL works with veterinary labs, hospitals, clinics, and supply distributors to provide customized, same-day solutions for its clients, necropsy transport (up to 25lbs), court case specimen transport, and urgent shipment requests .

Optical: We offer a wide range of flexible delivery solutions for optical manufacturers, wholesalers, laboratories, and opticians, all of which ensures that your items are delivered safely and securely.

Pharmaceutical: 4QL can support deliveries between inter-site pharmacies, hospital pharmacy to home, transport to group homes, nursing homes, assisted living centers/ long-term care facilities, and more, allowing your discharged and clinic patients the convenience of receiving their medication when and where they need it.

Blood and Tissue Banks: 4QL ensures the fastest delivery of blood and tissue specimens to laboratories. All specimen are delivered to the lab in the time allowed to prevent issues with testing.

Financial: 4QL assists with the transport of confidential documents, payroll pickup & delivery that may be performed on a scheduled route, supplies, contracts, mortgage documents, interoffice mail, and more. We also assist with return signature of original documents if required.

Legal: 4QL assists with the transport of time-sensitive and confidential legal documents, court filings that may be performed as needed or on a weekly basis, supplies, and more between legal office locations, to courtrooms, and/or to recipient, and can return these documents with filing confirmations and signatures if required.

Architect & Engineering:  4QL provides fast and reliable delivery of blueprints, 3D models, equipment, materials, and parts, as well as prompt pickup and collection of samples for laboratory testing.

High Tech: 4QL can assist with replacement parts delivery, sample pickup and delivery, and  pickup and delivery for manufacturing, testing, or research and development, to make sure these items are transported with care and sent immediately to their destination.

Real-Estate: 4QL assists title companies, brokers, property managers, and agents with quick transfer of essential documents, contract  documents between offices, bulk file transport from offsite storage to facility, and urgent on-demand requests.

Construction: 4QL assists with delivering documents to and from different job sites, delivering parts or packages to a job site , transferring equipment and materials from one job site to another, and urgent time-sensitive delivery requests that need to be made to a construction site from an office or vice versa. 4QL also assists with supply replenishment and will-call pick up from retailers.

Repair Shops: 4QL assists with urgent pickup and delivery of critical parts needed from your supplier, or alternate vendor  throughout the Greater Atlanta area and surrounding cities within 1-2 hours* to keep your repair shop fully functional at all times.

Dealerships: 4QL delivers products including car accessories, parts, products, wheels, tires, car fenders, spoilers, rims, and more. We can assist with urgent request, as well as daily pickup and delivery from your dealership, and to your surrounding regional stores, and/or repair locations with a dedicated vehicle and driver.

Suppliers: 4QL assists with same day delivery and time specific delivery service i.e. before 9am and 1pm, as well as end of day delivery service.  We can also assist with daily distribution to ensure your customers receive their parts on time, every time.

Parts Recyclers: 4QL can assist with local and regional used parts delivery on a daily basis, and with time critical deliveries of in stock items from your business.  We can also assist with parts delivery to your network including repair shops, retail customers, wholesalers, or other non-residential locations.

Production Plants: 4QL provides a range of services for plants including daily scheduled services across multiple local and statewide routes, and urgent immediate auto parts courier services to dealerships. We also help with on-demand delivery of urgent items, large van for bulk deliveries, and B2B or B2C delivery options.

Tire Distributors: 4QL works with wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, and independent distributors, and can assist with same-day delivery to clients based on your business specific ordering cut off times, scheduled pickup and delivery for daily distribution, and  urgent requests .

4QL is a perfect credible partner for last mile delivery for warehouses in the metro and greater Atlanta areas, and offers tailored last mile services to compliment your business needs. Whether your client base is a few blocks out, or 50-200 miles away, we can assist with same-day delivery, instant delivery, scheduled delivery, and route delivery for your distribution needs. Daily, weekly, and monthly service options are available allowing your business to plan your logistics ahead of time, as well as expedited services for your on-demand needs. To ensure that your deliveries arrive on time, 4QL uses the best in practice route optimization,  while tracking the entire process from warehouse to final delivery. 4QL also provides you with the option to print shipping labels, bill of ladings, or waybills as needed directly from your customer portal account.

  • Appointment/ window times
  • Kiosk, lockbox, or locker delivery & pickup
  • Single package & bulk order pickup & delivery

4QL is your premium choice for retail courier services in the Greater Atlanta area. Whether you are seeking a reliable and consistent solution to provide your customers with affordable same-day home delivery of their purchases; store to store movement of goods, materials, equipment, or supplies; direct rush delivery of single or bulk items; supply replenishment; or urgent errands, not only can we assist, but we have dealt with these type of items thousands of times and can guarantee a seamless experience.

4QL knows all to well the demands of the marketing industry, and understand how last minute emergencies can occur in this demanding market. Whether you need to get a critical order to a client, ran out of ink and need urgent supplies picked up for your store, have a large bulk order that needs to be delivered to a customer site, a machine part went out and you need an urgent replacement, or if you need a reliable delivery partner that represents an extension of your marketing business as your professional delivery team, we have you covered.  4QL can assist with urgent on-demand, scheduled, and hot shot delivery requests for your customers that may be located in offsite remote locations.

Whether you currently have an in-house fleet, work as an independent reseller, own a franchise, or are new to implementing delivery into your business, we can show you how partnering with 4QL as your delivery provider can prove to be the most cost effective and time savings choice for your business. 4QL can also assist with event delivery and trade-show events distribution.

4QL offers time critical delivery services assisting many different type of manufacturing companies including Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, and Plastics with same-day, scheduled, and hot shot delivery services. 4QL contributes to this industry in our ability to provide fast and professional drivers, GPS tracking and instant  proof of delivery to mitigate incomplete or late shipments, and a logistics service team to promptly meet any unique or complex requests that arise. Our customer portal allows multiple users to have access to a main account so that data is always readily available to view the status of a shipment, order notes, and transit status, allowing all departments to seamlessly share key information about specific delivery requests in real-time. All of these benefits allow our customers to enhance their customer relationship experience, and keep their operations fully functional at all times.


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At 4QL, you are not just hiring a delivery service, you are hiring a dedicated team of delivery professionals who operate much like your in-house personnel by managing your delivery requests in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. Our services may be used for short-term or long-term assistance for your business. Our customers rely on 4QL to coordinate the immediate pickup and delivery of their business needs, as well as function as a primary extension of their business by handling their regular scheduled pickup & delivery needs. With just a one-time setup, same-day and hot shot services can be set up to begin today. Our scheduled and dedicated services may be set up easily to begin services within 5 days based on your specific business requirements. All of our services can continue on a regular basis until otherwise notified.

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