experience unmatched dispatch and routing excellence with 4ql!
Our services excel in providing specialized features and support, going beyond basic transportation to ensure the timely and secure transportation of your healthcare shipments.
With our expertise, we optimize routes, coordinate pickups and deliveries, and implement efficient dispatch strategies, guaranteeing reliable and efficient transportation solutions for your organization.
experience enhanced reliability and strategic operations with 4ql’s dispatch and routing services
Why choose 4ql for dispatch and routing?
Gain access to regular reporting, seamless network expansion, and customized strategies that optimize your daily courier operations, guaranteeing a streamlined and efficient transportation process throughout.
offload the complexities of
dispatch management to 4ql

We manage all aspects of dispatch, ensuring efficient scheduling, streamlined routing, and timely delivery of sensitive materials for your healthcare organization.

enhance the overall efficiency
of your courier operations

We specialize in managing complex routing expectations seamlessly, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries across all locations within your healthcare organization.

gain transparent insights into
your courier shipments with 4ql

Our regular reporting provides clear and consistent information on delivered items, destinations, and recipient details, ensuring transparency and accountability in your courier operations.

expand and grow your network
effortlessly with 4ql

Whether you are expanding your local network, or entering into new regions, our capabilities include fully managing the new courier user with setup, on-boarding, and performing courier tasks without requiring involvement from your staff.

benefit from customized
healthcare courier solutions

Our partnership model ensures you receive a fully managed logistics service that operates seamlessly without any involvement from your staff. Expertly managed, this allows you to focus on your core healthcare services.

immediate dispatch at your
 your fingertips with 4ql

Our dedicated team is readily available for instant assistance with location updates, closures, dispatch documentation, and more, ensuring smooth operations and timely deliveries.

How we work
Initial Consultation

We engage in a comprehensive consultation to understand your specific challenges and requirements.


Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free and efficient setup experience for your healthcare organization.


We adapt our services to meet your unique requirements, providing solutions that align perfectly with your organization’s needs and operational workflows.

Training &

We’ll  empower your team with comprehensive training, equipping them with tools and dedicated support to navigate our services with confidence.

get started in just
15 days!
We understand that choosing the right courier management partner is a crucial decision, and we’re here to address any concerns you may have.
Our standard service startup timeline is just 15 days from the contract signing date, subject to availability.
Ready to begin? Schedule a call with our team today to discuss your courier requirements and kickstart this seamless partnership!