4QL assists a range of laboratories, blood centers, government agencies, hospitals, and health systems requiring same-day specialized courier services for delicate, time-sensitive, and temperature-controlled transport. If your objective in seeking a reliable logistics partner for your organization is to be able to allow your personnel to focus on providing quality health care services to your patients, then you have found the right partner in 4QL. Our most common transport handling includes:

  • Category A & B Infectious Substances
  • Organ & Tissue Transplants
  • Blood Products
  • Biological Specimens
  • Interoffice Mail & Medical Records
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
What We Do
If your lab or hospital regularly transports specimens between locations, you know the hurdle of ensuring it’s done properly. If you’re currently handling deliveries in-house, the workload may feel like running a separate business. You may be drained trying to coordinate scheduling and manage the logistics.
On the other hand, if you’re outsourcing to a standard courier service, you’ve probably encountered their limited flexibility, lack of full service management, and minimal coverage options-not to mention the lack of transparency in specimen tracking. 4QL is your solution to these problems.
Pickup & Delivery
We manage the entire courier transport journey from the order being placed, up until final delivery, and provide real-time information throughout the process, eliminating the hassle of having to be concerned with mismanaged courier requests or sample quantities. We are able to furnish medical specimen courier services that requires the following:
  • Local, Statewide Coverage, & Interstate coverage
  • Trained, experienced, and uniformed courier team
  • Dedicated courier team for your organizations’ needs
  • Ability to support 7 day a week operations
  • Ability to support two-way delivery services
  • Ambient, refrigerated, and frozen temperature controlled transport
  • Pickup and delivery from locations with multiple internal collection/ delivery sites
  • Daily pick-up/delivery services with specific time constraints and building entry instructions
  • Pickup and delivery that requires strict hand-off instructions
  • Daily, routine, same-day, scheduled, on-demand/on-call, and STAT courier services
Sure you could build or purchase various tools and software to help with scheduling and routing for your organization, but why go through that hassle when you can just partner with a reliable courier & logistics company that manages these activities for you?
Whether your provider locations are setup for on-demand, STAT, or routine courier services, we are able to seamlessly manage these time-specific requirements on a daily basis. 4QL enables our clients to offload all of the delivery burden-including the elements of courier scheduling, route management, and specimen tracking and reporting.
Logistics Management
The 4QL team is trained to understand and execute even the most demanding medical transport assignments. We provide you with access to all of the tools and resources you need so that your courier services feel in-house, not outsourced. Our clients enjoy a user friendly management portal that provides their staff with a birds eye view of all incoming and outgoing shipments. Additionally, our logistics management services include the following:
  • Custom shipping notifications/reports that may be sent daily, weekly, monthly, etc
  • Segmented invoicing with complete chain of custody details
  • Self-Service Portal w/ shipping label printing, file export ability, and real-time tracking for your provider network
  • Tracking tools with Application Program Interface (API) integration capabilities for LIS
  • Detailed chain of custody details w/ real-time proof of delivery information
  • Established quality management processes for monitoring the performance of all items in transit
24/7 Customer Support
Our support team manages many dispatch and service related needs for both your organization and your provider network including assisting with scheduling courier requests, answering general courier related questions on behalf of your organization, setting up new provider locations within your network, submitting custom daily reports based on your account needs, and more. We are able to be as hands on as needed to ensure a seamless customer experience for your network.
4QL is the definitive choice for managing same-day, scheduled, and any other reoccurring time specific transport needs that your organization requires.