4th Quarter Logistics Solutions, LLC (4QL Solutions) specializes in Urgent, On-Demand, Scheduled, Hot Shot, and Route package and box deliveries, performing with a 99.79% on-time track record.

Our fleet includes cars, trucks, sprinter vans, and large cargo vans accompanied by both professional and uniformed couriers, and vetted experienced contractor agents.

We handle hundreds of time-critical deliveries for area businesses across various industries, all with unique and demanding requirements. Our couriers are equipped with the necessary supplies and equipment needed to handle each job effectively, and we have a proven track record of delivering on time and with ease. Our service times are the fastest available in the city, and we pride ourselves on professionally trained logistics professionals that ensure your items arrive on time and in proper condition.

4QL Solutions’ management team is comprised of experienced and forward-thinking transportation professionals who are constantly keeping up with the latest trends and demands that our customers face on a daily basis.



When we say Delivery Made Simple, Consider It Delivered, we mean just that. 4QL Solutions’ customers enjoy a professional delivery team that is reliable, experienced, and flexible in their industry-specific needs. Here are just some of the advantages our customers enjoy with 4QL as their delivery partner:

  • Professional, experienced, and uniformed staff trained on the latest logistics requirements
  • Time-based and temperature-based* service options
  • Guaranteed deadlines for each delivery
  • Online ordering system with shipping label, bill of lading, or waybill printing capabilities directly from your customer portal account
  • Multi-user login options (ideal if more than 1 staff member needs access to request deliveries)
  • Import/ export of addresses via customer portal
  • State of the art dispatching system featuring automatic updates of delivery status in real time and live tracking
  • Immediate proof of delivery via email confirmations, included with proof of signature
  • Photo proof of delivery available that may be attached directly to your confirmation email
  • Proven track record of past performance for commercial clients



4QL Solutions obtains a proof of delivery signature for every delivery request. You never have to wonder when your package was delivered, or who signed for it as this information is automatically provided to you in real-time.



4QL Solutions provides paperless electronic billing, and reports customized to your specifications. Our billing is simple, informative, and available on a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis for business accounts. Invoices are able to be easily viewed directly in your customer portal account. 4QL Solutions also has the ability to email and/or mail invoices based on your specific business needs.

Our Customer Web Portal is designed with a multitude of tools that allow you, the customer, to submit orders, track shipments, and manage addresses. Orders may be submitted and tracked from within the Web Portal, and this data may be exported as needed to Excel, CSV, or PDF file easily through your account. In addition to our online customer portal, order requests may also be made via:

  • Phone: 678-631-9470
  • Email: deliverit@4qlsolution.com
  • Account representative: provided to you during onboarding



4QL Solutions utilizes the latest state of the art dispatching software to monitor, track, and control each delivery. Our technology alerts our dispatchers and drivers to potential late situations before they occur. Couriers’ locations are continuously monitored through smartphone GPS tracking to ensure accurate and prompt ETA for all deliveries.

These automated processes benefits your business, brand, and your team with increased time savings, fewer manual processes, and significant cost savings when it comes to your shipping needs- whether it's across town, out of town, or out of state.




4QL Solutions is designed to deliver easy to use courier services and custom shipping solutions to businesses in five focus areas:

  • Local, On-Demand, Rush- with a variety of time-based delivery options to choose from including Express (2-hour service), Standard (4-hour service), & Economy service (6-hour service)
  • Scheduled Daily Service, Route, Distribution- pick-up and drop-off at scheduled times on a scheduled route. Can also be scheduled based on specific time-blocks. Ex: Pick up at locations between 1-4pm.
  • Van Services- full size cargo vans and sprinter vans for same-day and hot shot courier of large items (boxes, equipment, parts, etc.) both locally and out of town/state.
  • Time-Critical/ Special Handling- for urgent or timely delivery of parts/medical products/food/lab items that require temperature specific handling or special handling of items that may be fragile, or have an expiration date.
  • Code Protected Deliveries- for requests requiring delivery to lock boxes, parcel boxes, post office boxes, etc.